Our Company is a leading developer of software and special purpose equipment both on domestic and foreign markets.  We are committed to highest world standards of performance paying respect and attention to every client. We unlock the creative potential of our personnel and build corporate unity on the principles of openness and trust. 

Company State Registration

The Company Registration:

Number and date of the Company Registration: May 07, 2001; Certificate No 100167207 in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.


Main Business Areas in accordance with the National Classifier of the Republic of Belarus “Types of Economic Activity” ОКРБ 005-2006

  • Databases related activities (code 724);
  • Computing devices related activities (code 72);
  • Research and development (code 73);
  • Data processing (code 723);
  • Software development and consulting (code 744);

1. Front page copy of «The Charter of Belfortex Limited Liability Company», one page;

2. Front page copy of «The Foundation Agreement of Belfortex Limited Liability Company», one page.

3. Copy of the State Registration Certificate of a Commercial Organization, one page;