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Semi-real simulation complex

The semi-real simulation complex (SRSC) represents a simulation system consisting of mathematical models of specific armament systems connected to the interface of real Automated Control Systems (ACS). The Complex operates in real time.

SRSC structural diagram
The Complex is applicable for:
  • research and testing of the automation hardware and software complexes of ACS;
  • integrated and dynamic debugging of software of ACS under development including its basic combat algorithms;
  • training of CP combat teams of different levels (training is performed at standard workstations of the system);
  • performing exercises with automation hardware and software complex of different level ACS and their combat teams in real time without involving fire means.
The semi-real simulation complex can be used:
  • at the testing grounds to create the environment for testing the ACS. This reduces the costs for research and tests, period of their execution, and improves their quality due to expansion of the field of testing;
  • in the industrial design organizations engaged in developing automated control systems as an instrument of integrated dynamic debugging of algorithms under development;
  • in the army as an instrument to perform exercises of combat teams of different level Command Posts without involving fire means.