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Military purpose control systems software

The analysis and prognosis of tendencies of combat means development shows that it is not possible to efficiently counteract modern enemy without integrated automation of troops and weapons control processes that can be achieved, first of all, by implementing intellectual automated information systems.

Since 1996 Belfortex Ltd. has been specializing in development of the software for such systems. The company's specialists have developed combat operations simulation complex (complex of mathematical models) for optimizing combat operations of the Air Force (AF) and Air Defense (AD), which is now in use by the Ministry of Defense. In cooperation with the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus, Belfortex Ltd. carries out research and experimental work on developing special mathematical software for military purpose control systems. On the basis of the complex of mathematical models Belfortex Ltd. has developed and now offers the following products and services in accordance with specific technical requirements of the customer:

Upon the Customer's request there is a possibility to jointly develop these products within the framework of Belfortex Ltd. Integrated Simulation Center  project that foresees the transfer of technology of developing military control system software and training of personnel.