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FORT Mathematical Model Complex for Military Grouping Efficiency Assessment

FORT Mathematical Model Complex registered by the Patent and Trademark Office of the Russian Federation (Rospatent) as a computer program (the Certificate  of  Registration  No 2004610593) is a technology platform for simulation system software development.

The technology which emerged from FORT Complex serves for simulation complexes development and support. Suchlike complexes arrange optimal force groupings, estimate their combat capabilities and the efficiency of forces and means. The complexes can also be applied to study and estimate the efficiency of types of armaments in operation and under development (modernization).

System Tasks are the following:

  1. Justification of the optimal Air Force and Air Defense grouping.
  2. Efficiency analysis of the enemy aviation combat against an AD system.
  3. Assessment of the combat potential and the created grouping efficiency.
  4. Justification of ways for AF and AD armament modernization.

The model library contains:

  • enemy air attack model;
  • radio-technical troops model;
  • anti-aircraft missile troops model;
  • Army Air Defense model;
  • fighter aviation model;
  • defense objects model.

The database contains the simulated objects characteristics.

On customer request the system can be supplemented with a number of analytical tasks, such as:

  • optimization of an anti-aircraft missile complex system  positioning; 
  • combat order automated formation;
  • influence analysis of active noise jamming on the combat operation outcome;
  • efficiency assessment of electronic warfare and other means.

The simulation system has been adopted and applied in the Belarusian bodies of military administration and the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus. The system is delivered  to customers abroad.