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Bomb Containment Trailer 1001 BF

Bomb Containment Trailer 1001 BF provides safe transportation of explosive items (explosive charges) of criminal origin by a motor vehicle to the place of their disposal and reduces the risk of injury of the attending personnel and population from the fragments of the charge casing and shock wave in case of an accidental explosion.

The basis of the design is a metal container of a cylinder shape installed on the car trailer chassis. Inside the container there is an armored basket made of a special ceramic compound material, which is a know-how of Belfortex Ltd.


Container for Transportation of Explosive Items


In case of accidental explosion of the transported charge, the armored basket of the container dampens the considerable part of the shock wave energy and absorbs the fragments of the charge casing (if any). Part of the shock wave energy and fragments is directed from the container upwards. In case of explosion, the armored basket is being destroyed, its solid ceramic compound material being converted into loose material.


The loading mechanism provides mechanical loading and unloading of explosive items.

Main technical characteristics Main technical characteristics

Description Unit Value
Total weight  kg 1910 
Braking system  mechanical inertia
Maximum transportation speed  km/hour 50 
Power system  W 12 
Turning crane lifting capacity  kg 100 
Maximum charge weight up to 5 kg TNT


Bomb Containment Trailer 1001 BF is now in service of special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. Belfortex Ltd. delivered such containers to the Republic of Korea to ensure security of the World Football Championship in 2002.