Our Company is a leading developer of software and special purpose equipment both on domestic and foreign markets.  We are committed to highest world standards of performance paying respect and attention to every client. We unlock the creative potential of our personnel and build corporate unity on the principles of openness and trust. 



The Technologies applied in our company can be widely used to create advanced simulation complexes for automated control systems testing and research simulation complexes intended to develop, create and validate state-of-the-art directions in the development of new armaments and IT technologies.

Our products can serve as the basis for various tutoring and training systems development.

Our experience and developments enable us to create software for situation centers of various levels, allowing the user to solve a number of complicated tasks which require deep analysis and elaboration of the only right decision both in the sphere of military security and other state and economic activities.

Our Company in cooperation with domestic and foreign partners is open for development, creation and supply of software for state authorities, ministries and administrations, enterprises and private companies.

Belfortex Ltd. is open for cooperation in the fields of:

  • task definition, development of technical specifications for the system function modules;
  • algorithms and software codevelopement;
  • development of simulation systems and complexes and their supply to the situation centers;
  • special software development for third parties.